Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Hospitality Industry in Context 02

1.      Explain one wider social trend that might have an influence on the management of a hospitality operation.
One trend that has a major influence is I believe the need for hotels to go green. People’s awareness in terms of environmental issues has increased and there is pressure from consumers of various sectors to take that into account. There is an overall demand for businesses to use natural resources more efficiently and reduce their overall impact on the environment. The hospitality industry is no different but has one more reason than other industries to follow that trend.

A large section the industry is based on the exploitation of places of great natural beauty because that’s what attracts visitors. Therefore it is in the businesses best interest to do all they can to preserve those places as close to their natural state as possible.

Lately there is demand for procedures and practices that would eliminate waste in more effective ways, use of more eco – friendly equipment and more efficient water usage. In short there is a need for better management of the natural resources that businesses need.

2.      Explain three factors that demonstrate how the hospitality industry contributes to the economies in the UK and Europe.
The hospitality industry contributes by providing employment for a large number of people.  It is estimated that one out of eight people directly or indirectly involved in the hospitality industry. By offering employment the hospitality is indirectly responsible for the taxes and expenditure of these people. 

But businesses in the hospitality industry contribute to the also by paying taxes on their profits and earnings. Considering the size of the sector that is a major portion of the national income.

Last but not least, the hospitality industry is also one of the main ‘customers’ of other more traditional sectors of the economy such as agriculture. VAT payment is a major source of income for most European economies.

3.      Explain why transferable skills are necessary for a successful career in the hospitality industry.
Transferable skills are abilities that help you adapt and be useful not just in the hospitality industry but in every industry. For example an excellent teacher will know how to train employees or an excellent waiter could become an excellent front office representative in a hotel. Among others transferable skills are multi – tasking and communication and those are valued not just in the hospitality but in every industry because they help individuals to carry out different functions and tasks.  Career wise people with good interpersonal abilities are able to change direction and move through various sectors of the hospitality industry. 

4.      What do you understand by the term ‘Continuing Professional Development’ and explain its importance
Continuing development is continually trying to improve your skills and acquire new ones that will help you achieve your professional goals. For me continuing professional development means creating a plan with goals and the skills that are essential to achieve them as well as the means and time frame that is necessary to acquire them.  

5.      From the websites of three lead organisations in the hospitality sector, identify and summarise their publications relating to environmental management.
From the website of British Hospitality Association ( I gathered that they emphasize the importance of training and they promote organisations and other companies whose purpose is to establish new procedures and policies that will help businesses deal not only with environmental issues but with all aspects of their functions.

From the website of Hotel Industry Magazine ( ) based on the articles: ‘Green Technology for Hoteliers’, ‘The Green Hotel: A New Culture’ and ‘Green Technology for Hotels’ I gathered that following more environmental practices is not just a trend. Soon governments and consumers are going to ‘demand’ more eco – friendly services and hotels will have to respond accordingly. These green practices will have to be followed not just by hotel chains but by everyone including smaller scale operations in an effort to improve their occupancy.

The website VisitBritain ( ) has posted an entire guide about the new turn in hospitality management that emphasizes in sustainability and the need to incorporate ecological and ethical practices that will not eliminate profits because as the article states: an ethical but bankrupt company is of no use to anyone. The authors of this article consider the local communities part of the environment that needs to be protected. Also it is clearly stated that proper use of this earth’s natural resources is the only option and measures needs to be taken to further the goals of a sustainable future for tourism.

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